Web Resources

On this page I will build up a library of web based resources. Please let me know if you have a really good site that I should add.

  • The End of Cheap Oil – Peak Oil – “The Oil Drum“. The Oil Drum is a multi author site that collects some of the best writing on the end of Cheap Oil. Their piece on Peak Oil is one of the best. The site is very active with new material all the time.
  • How Cuba coped with losing access to oil – Here is a link to a site where you can order a brilliant DVD that tells the story of how Cuba coped with “The Special Period” – when they lost access to Soviet Oil. Shows us what we can expect and how best to cope. Very hopeful and uplifting

3 responses to “Web Resources

  1. This is ridiculous–I would like to book a home energy audit on-line and nowhere can I find a form to enable me to do this. All I get is a printable form for ‘assistance’–I want the assistance of an energy auditor, preferably Mark Douglas, but don’t know how to go about getting the audit, and your POEE is, as far as I am concerned, USELESS!

  2. Why dont you call them – the number is on the site

  3. The US Department of Energy has a National Renewable Energy Laboratory with a wealth of information.


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