Pellet Stoves and Pellets

Our Granny Flat is about 1,000 square feet. We wanted it to be separate from the heating of the main house – to give us more moves. So we retrofitted a Pellet Stove. With much lower operating temperatures, the installation is much easier than a regular stove and so for retrofit less hassle and less money.

This Stove fills from a hopper from behind and the load will last a day of hard heating in peak load time such as February. In the peak period you will use about a bag a 24 hour period. Much less in the shoulder seasons.

Not all pellets are the same. Here is a link to ones that work well and that are available from Home Hardware and later this fall from Home Depot.

Regular cleaning is essential – it takes about 20 minutes a week. During the season I will do a short video on our cleaning routine.

Pellet prices are up a lot from last year when they were Cdn 4.99 a bag. Now they are just under $7.00!!!. Who knows what the supply demand equation will be like? My bet is that if we can scale up pellet use on PEI, that we will get the advantage of scale.

More on this later when I visit the site of a school on PEI that will experiment this winter with a very large pellet furnace.


One response to “Pellet Stoves and Pellets

  1. Although we will all have to bite the bullet on pellets this year, I’m betting the price will come down in the future, so it would be prudent to save up for that time and stock up if you have the storage space available.

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